Welcome to the I International Conference on Applied Linguistics to Language Teaching: Towards Plurilingualism, an opportunity for researchers and teachers, both experts and novices, to share the results of studies and didactic experiences.

Developing a multilingual competence of citizens is a lifelong learning task, integrating the efforts of the educational system, the scientific community, the experts in language learning and its teaching, the certifying institutions, as well as the personal motivation and effort of each individual. The interdisciplinary nature of applied linguistics can address the multiple challenges of multilingualism.

The languages present in the Conference are English, French, German and Spanish, with a panel specific for each of them, composed of the following sections: oral presentations, workshops, posters and junior research projects.

Representatives of the four linguistic communities, invited to two round tables, will discuss about the challenges of multilingual society and the professional projection of applied linguistics in foreign language teaching.

The programme will be completed with four Master Lectures, given by international experts in the field, who will be discussing the most relevant and current issues in language acquisition, foreign language learning and its teaching.

The papers presented at the Conference will be published in the "Revista Nebrija de Lingüística Aplicada".