International Conference on Applied Linguistics to Language Teaching

Under the auspices of CercleS


  • Applied Linguistics to teaching:
    • Second language acquisition and learning
    • Contributions of contrastive linguistics to teaching
    • Translation in FL teaching/learning
    • Psycholinguistics and FL teaching
    • Sociolinguistics and FL teaching
    • Language assessment and evaluation
  • Didactic of Foregn Languages:
    • Current developments in the application of methods and approaches to the teaching of FL
    • Integrated Learning Content and Language (CLIL)
    • Bilingualism, plurilingualism and multilingualism
    • New methodological and didactical approaches in FL teaching
    • FL learning in online and blended-learning teaching
    • ICT for the teaching of FL
    • FL teaching for academic, scientific and professional fields
    • Development of communicative competence and language skills
    • Design of teaching materials
    • Sociocultural contents and intercultural competence
  • Languages of migration and refugees:
    • Acquisition and learning of languages in contexts of migration and refugees
    • Language assessment and certification for migrants and refugees
    • Language teaching for migrants and refugees
    • Design of didactic materials for the teaching of languages in the contexts of migration and refugees
  • In addition, on the occasion of the V Centenary of the death of Antonio de Nebrija, this year the Conference will host a special panel that will cover the following areas:
    • Acquisition, teaching and learning of Spanish as a mother tongue
    • Antonio de Nebrija, his work and legacy
    • Varieties of Spanish
  • Communications and posters will be accepted in any of these areas.